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Train the Trainer Master Class is an advanced 6-day training and mentorship program for people who want to nurture to be coached with Mr. Ashvin in person. Train the Trainer Master Class isn’t just for public speakers, presenters, motivators, trainers, or coaches (or people who dream of becoming one of those options). It’s for anyone who works with others and wants to make a difference by helping people aim higher, achieve more, and get the results they want.

With his training and facilitating strategies developed over 25-years of career, Mr. Ashvin is considered as one of the foremost human potential trainers. You’ll learn his proven methodology for training people how to create powerful mental & physical states, overcome blocks and limiting beliefs, set and achieve gigantic goals, and create the life of their dreams.



These monthly calls are highly engaging, and create space for you to experience the power of the group, prepare you in advance for success at the live events, and give you the support and strategies you need to be successful in the program.

During the 6-day training intensives you’ll be working one-on-one with Ashvin Deshpande and his Senior Training Team to perfect all aspects of your training skillsets. The trainings includes a well-rounded curriculum of speaker development and facilitation skills training with Ashvin, and boot-camp-style breakouts.

During these live sessions, he’ll answer your questions as you work through the material, develop your skills, and grow your business.

Personalized certificates, official seals, a professional photo with Mr. Ashvin that you can use in your marketing, and a featured listing in the Certified Trainer Directory


6 months of learning in 6 days

9.00 am to 10.00 am

Just Be There!
Meet up! Gelling as a Group

10.00 am to 1.30 pm

Setting up the Context
“Play Blind” Presentation Drill

2.30 pm to 6.00 pm

The Criteria
The Certification Standards
Overview of the syllabus
Defining the Student Profile
Defining the Activity Profile
Defining the Evaluation Process
Defining the Feedback Process

7.00 pm to 9 pm

Role & Responsibility as a Leadership Transformational Trainer

10.00 pm to 11.30 pm

Informal Sharing
Training Game Zone

5 am to 6 am

Yoga & Meditation(Optional)

7.00 am to 9.00 am

Transactional Analysis

10.00 am to 1.30 pm

Presentation Drill
Welcome to the Ocean
Overview of the Training & Development Industry
Various approaches to Training

2.30 pm to 4.00 pm

Break Time(Homework included)

4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

Presentation Drill

6.30 pm to 9.00 pm

The Skill Gym
The Trainer called “Charisma”
The Key Note Adventure
The Inspiring Practitioner in YOU

10.00 pm to 12.00 am

Setting up the Drama(Navrasa)
Facilitation Exercises
The Story Teller & Metaphor Expert in YOU

5 am to 6 am

Yoga & Meditation(Optional)

7 am to 9 am

Analytical Psychology Carl Jung

10.00 am to 1.30 pm

The Reality Zone
The Training Need Analysis
How to Choose the Most Relevant Subject
Creating Training Module
Design, Develop, Strategize

2.30 pm to 6.00 pm

The TNA Drill
The Module Creation Drill

7.00 pm to 9.00 pm

Understanding the Audience
Learning Theories
Learning Methods
Personality Types

10.00 pm to 12.00 am

Developing competence for Games, Exercises & Facilitation for any topic

5 am to 6 am

Yoga & Meditation(Optional)

7 am to 9 am

Johari Window
Emotional Intelligence

10 am to 1.30 pm

Be a Business Brahma!
How to build the Enterprise Model
Trainer Profiling & Projection of Your Image

2.30 am to 6.00 pm

Establishing Credibility
Financial Projection & Achievable Goal Setting
How to approach the Market
Developing the Entrepreneur Competence
The Law of Leverage

7.00 pm onwards

Project Preparation

5 am to 6 am

Yoga & Meditation(Optional)

7.00 am to 9 am

Neuro Linguistic Programming and it’s use in Training

10 am to 1.30 pm

Project Presentation & Feedback

2.30 pm to 4.30 pm

Project Presentation & Feedback

5.300 pm to 6.00 pm

The 5 Masteries in 1 Go Review

7.00 pm to 11.00 pm

Getting the LIFE you want!(Just Chill)

5 am to 6 am

Yoga & Meditation(Optional)

7 am to 8 am

Charisma Enhancement Techniques

9.00 am to 1.30

Certification Presentations

2.30 pm to 4.00 pm

Certification Presentations

4.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Certification & Celebrations

Mr. Ashvin Deshpande


Mr. Ashvin Deshpande is the Master Trainer for YOU in this TTT Masterclass. He brings with him wisdom and charisma packaged so beautifully together that you get an absolute practical input of becoming a thorough professional edupreneur and an influential trainer, facilitator.

Mr. Ashvin will be sharing his career leap with you, the practical challenges that he faced, how he took up the destiny in his stride to reach here, and the most important he is here in this field for last 25 long years.
Mr. Ashvin is a Certified International NLP Trainer & Coach. He is also a Certified PCC from International Coach Federation. He is a Trainer Member of American Board of NLP. He is highly recognized for his variety of psychological competencies as a Trainer.

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Avion Holiday Hotel, Lonavala
92 KM away from Mumbai International Airport

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20th to 25th Dec 2019.

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What is the post training feedback and support system ?

Ashvin boasts to have the strongest feedback and support system in the world.

I am a Coach and willing to explore training, how would this help me?

Yes definitely. Since you are great at one to one, going public is the right time for you!

I am a hypnotherapist, could I take up this TTT Masterclass?

Yes sure! Since you know the unconscious mind’s games, this TTT Masterclass will definitely take you to places by becoming a trainer and an edupreneur.

Can I get a job as a Corporate Trainer/Behavioral Trainer in some corporate after completing this TTT Masterclass Certification?

Yes! Many of our trainers are engaged in very powerful positions in the corporate sector.

I am a Trainer but I want to become an edupreneur, how would this TTT Masterclass help me?

Entrepreneurship skills for education, training and development is a very special game. Once you master this field by knowing the dynamics, you are going to be transforming your life forever.

Can I become a Freelance Trainer after completing this TTT Masterclass?

Yes! Rather we can help you to set up your Freelance Training Business!

Would you provide Trainer Opportunities on your platform after completing this TTT Masterclass?

Yes! We have all the opportunities to discuss once you get Certified as a Trainer.

What is the process of Evaluation of this Certification? Is there any Test?

The Evaluation Process is on for all the 6 days. There is a LIVE PERFORMANCE that YOU would be showcasing for almost 60 minutes. The continuous Evaluation plus the Evaluation of Your LIVE Performance with at least 70% marks make you Certified.

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If you have any questions about the course, please contact us directly. We will respond for sure.